A Letter from the Editors

Corduroy is about the conversations that happen between friends. 

While we went to the same university, we didn’t formally meet and get to know each other until after both moving to Los Angeles. We were brought together by our mutual friends over brunches, watch parties, and the many birthday gatherings that were celebrated in our friend group — and from there, boy did we start talking. 

Everyone is familiar with those large women’s magazines that have populated stands for decades and tell you 10 Ways How to do This and That, but we felt like we were missing out on the deeper conversations being held by women across the country and even the world.

We both have a passion for writing, entertainment, and storytelling, and found ourselves surrounded by an incredible amalgamation of intelligent, funny, and talented female friends. We wanted there to be a place where we could bring our incredible friends together and reflect the vast and varied conversations that young women were having today. Thus was the birth of Corduroy Publications.

These are the types of conversations college girls have late at night in dorm rooms, bonding over who they used to be in high school and how much they’ve changed. The conversations that 20-somethings have over coffee when they’re trying to figure out how to navigate their first jobs, their first apartments, and whether or not it’s still worth it to hold on to that friend from back home or move on. The conversations that 30-somethings are having about finally stepping into the direction they want their career to take, whether or not they want to have kids, or what it used to be like as a 20-something out drinking with their girl friends.

It’s through these conversations that we ask ourselves the important questions, emotionally mature by listening to new perspectives, and unwittingly find our own voices. It’s through these articles that we aim to provide a space for those conversations to happen on a larger scale. We’re bringing together women from different walks of life and introducing them to each other through their words and experiences. Whether it be an Entertainment article applying psychology to dating shows, a Life article about growing up with depression, or a Thoughts & Ideas article about the intersection of race and porn, we’re looking at all topics through a thoughtful lens.

We’re so excited to have you here. Take a look around and join the conversation.

– Liz & Holly